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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  March 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this morning patchy drizzle around. chilly. radar showing showers pulling out of the mountains. these are heading off to the ooet/southeast. temperatures at 40. quite a which i will in the air. out of the mountains right now, it's in the mid-40s to low foirts there in western maryland came throughwest virginia in
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released back in it to the community. >> reporter: a statement says at this time, the situation remains under review. only residents are breathing a sigh of relief that an arrest has been made. >> i'm glad someone was it actually arrested and feel safer for my children and myself. >> reporter: he's scheduled to appear in court on thursday. reporting from ol aney, jackie bensen, news 4. this morning. >> reporter:s of the first direct exposure to radiation are giving new life to nuclear fear mis-japan. the nuclear safety agency says
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three workers at the fukushima plant came in direct contact with radiation, two had their skin exposed. this morning smoke could still be seen rising. radiation levels in tap water have drooped, but bottled water is still being distributed to families with young children as a precaution and the human toll is still on the rides. 9700 are confirmed dead, more than 16,000 also feared missing. >> the extensive damage in japan is having an affect on car production here in the u.s. toyota is the hate e. automaker to announce that work may stop at some of its north american plants due to parts shortages. toyota is unsure which factories will shut down or for how long, but says the impact will be limited because a majority of parts for north america production come from suppliers here. u.s. military officials say the coalition air strikes in will i be have effectively grounded gadhafi air forces. no libyan planeses have been detected in the air for the past
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24 hours. a fuel depot was also hit. the air strikes have also started driving gadhafi's ground forces back to misrata. congressional leaders have started on question the u.s. mission in libya and want clearances about a time frame to hand over leadership of the efforts. and air strikes near libya's oilfields have caused the price of oil to sky rocket to its highest level in more than two years. u.s. crude futures hit $102 ending above $100 for the first time since september of 2008. that has prices on the increase once again at gasoline stations across the country. the national average this morning is $3.54 per gallon. in d.c., you'll pay $3.72, that's up five cents from a week ago. $3.47 is the average in virginia. west virginia, you're paying $3.60 per gallon.
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five people including a police constable are dead this morning after a suicide car bombing in northwest pakistan. police say a bomber drove the car into barricades near a police station causing part of that station to collapse. at least 27 others were injured in the blast. the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for that attack. 4:37 is the time. this morning a d.c. high school principal is on paid administrative leave as the district investigates allegations that he changed students' grades. mckinley technology high school principal david pinder is accused of giving out grades for courses some students did not even take. he was also reportedly listed as the teacher at a number of classes even though he does not teach any classes. mckinley hasse the second highe graduation right.students are standing by the principal. a statement reads in part, the students of mckiply technology high school are truly heart
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broken that the loss of an individual who has not only changed education but changed lives. this grade changes investigation started with questions over the use of a $100,000 award given to the school. federal investigators are now looking in to whether those funds were "mi"mishandled." ahead on new 4/today, the baseball legend whole be working with local children today. >> also police say the investigation has become even more convoluted. request they're searching again this morning for a missing military wife. and the no so spring-like weather heading our way. with the money you invest in clothes,
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we do have a few showers coming out of the mountains and heading off to the east. right around washington, a little patchy drizzle, district of columbia, and it's chilly just near 40 throughout most of the region. low to mid-40s around the bay and eastern shore. a little drizzle over the jefferson memorial. clouds through midday with the possibility of a little drizzle, maybe a few sprinkles. we'll stay in the 40s through the morning. by midafternoon, some sunshine and maybe up around 50 by then.
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here is your night planner. going partly cloudy this evening to clear by dawn tomorrow. in fact we might even have some patchy frost tomorrow morning starting off friday morning with temperatures upper 20s. a look at the weekend and next week. that will be in ten minutes. how is traffic, jerry? >> starting off on wet pavement around much of the area, so please be very careful as you head on out this morning along i-270 from i-70 to route 80, headed points south. so far so good. any overnight road work has been wrapped up. all the travel lanes are open down to the split. and no concerns down the spur. beltway northern virginia smooth sailing thus far around arlington boulevard south to the interchange? n. springfield. the ramp from the inner loop to go out on route 50 remains closed. there was a track ter trailer accident that owe with youred so the ramp is closed.
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not affecting the beltway traffic. 4:43 is your time. still to come, a dan vandal hits a local church. and why the cherry blossoms in full bloom is getting
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in the day ahead, louden county sheriff's deputies will begin a renewed search for a missing military wife. bethany decker. it has been two months since decker, who is pregnant, disappeared. but this morning police are releasing new information onspe. >> reporter: will this picture taken of a pregnant 21le-year-old bethany deck errands her husband during a january vacation trip to hawaii
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within one week of tear children, the soon to be mother and college student would vanish. >> to point the finger at the husband and say he's our number one suspect, that's not the case either. but i do feel, however, someone involved with her knows something that we really desperately need to know. >> reporter: decker hasn't been seen since january 29th. she saw her husband early in the day, then her boyfriend, identified as ronald roland at the apartment they shared. police are revealing decker had a husband and two boyfriends at the time of her disappearance. >> it's a very convoluted situation. when you have a husband and a couple boy friends and no one to be found -- her not to be found anywhere, car still here, everything intact in her apartment. >> reporter: on february 2nd, her husband returned to afghanistan where receives serving in the army.
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police say he's back home and cooperating with the investigation. >> the more time goes by with no contact from anybody or to anybody, it leans more and more to foul play. >> reporter: they's be back out here in ash burn looking for evidence, looking for clues. looking for something they might have missed. >> not everyone is cooperating maybe as much as they were initially. that's not necessarily a sign of guilt. it's stips a sign of guilty knowledge. >> reporter: police say decker has not used her bank account, cell phone or e-mail and hasn't shown up for classes at george mason university. >> something's not right and we need to figure out what that is. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4 p. a heads up if you live or work in louden county. police need your help in finding a man they believe sexually assaulted a woman early last friday morning. this is the man they're looking for. police say he assaulted a woman he met in a parking lot at the
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ashburn plaza shopping center. the vehicle tip asked victim asked to use the cell phone. he as soughted her before letting her go. this morning police in frederick, maryland are putting up electric signs they hope will help them fine the person who killed a mother of three. the signs will be on display along east patrick street near the burger king where 32-year-old was found shot to death last friday morning. she was manager at the restaurant. the temporary electric signs will ask people to call a crime tip line if they have information about the shooting. they will be in place through the weekend. immigration and customs enforcement officers have arrested more than 160 i legal immigrants in northern virginia all part of an crackdown on undocumented workers with criminal records. immigrants from 32 different countries were arrested as part of the sweep. eight of them had been convicted of sex offenses and 85 others
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had committed some sort of felony. prince william county supervisor cory student said that even with these arrests, i.c.e. is not working enough with local law enforcement to crack down on illegal immigrants. today at 4:00, hundreds of members of the hole united food and commercial workers union will gather at the montgomery county executive office building to protest ike legget. he announced he'll ignore arbitration rulings and deny raising to public employees and make cuts to pensions and health care for residents. he says it's to help close a $300 million budget gap for the county. some local children will get useful baseball tips today from pedro martinez. he's in town for the unveiling of his portrait at the smith sonia gallery. martinez will also conduct a mini clinic this afternoon in northwest washington. mayor vincent gray is expected
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to be there. he may not need ooch help with his game, though. the mayor plays softball in a league run by the district's department of parks and recreation. would he let martinez decide whether he needs the help. dr. dorothy hite will be honored today. she's the unsung hero of the struggle for equality. george washington will also announce a new skcholarship for public service that will be awarded every year to a student. she was a reader of both of african-american and women's rights movements. she died last april. today would have been her 99th birthday. later in this day, organizers of the compaherry blm festival are inviting to you stand with japan. you're encouraged to bring a donation which would go to the red cross' efforts to help
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japan. tonight's event begins at 6:30. and if you plan to enjoy in year's cherry blossoms, you may want to seat res sooner rather than later. the fashion al park service has shortened the anticipated peak bloom time. it's expected between march 29th through april the 1st. that's all of four days. it was originally supposed to last unl april thep april the 3. they changed the prediction after finding the trees were in their white puffy white stage earlier than expected. the festival glins this saturday. >> and i drove past there this morning. they do look good already. so you can enjoy them right now even though it's chilly out there. >> yeah, beat the crowds. and we have some chilly air here. it will be here through the first part of next week. the storms did produce damage in the shenandoah valley, but locally just heavy down pours. right now radar showing patches
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of light rain where you see those areas of blue and green out on the eastern parts of west virginia scattered across the shenandoah valley. as passing 10u9 of washington and may come into our southern sub about your busuburbs. a chill in the air. near the bay a little warmer there, in the low to mid-40s, but off to our west and north, upper 30s along the pennsylvania border and we are going to have this chilly air with us for the next several days. now, there were those storms that came through last night, but now we have just a few of these showers coming in from the west. behind that system, and across into long island right now. there's the hive view from our city camera. and by 9:00, still cloud dir and maybe a few sprinkles, in the mid-40s and still generally mid to upper 40s by noontime. might have a lingering sprinkle. but we out to get sun breaking out mid to late afternoon.
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might peak near 50. then overnight tonight, partly cloudy and much colder. we might have frost scattered around the region tomorrow morning we'll be dipping in to the upper 20s. mid upper to 40s tomorrow and lighter wind and partly cloudy on friday. then cloudy on saturday ap-saturdap saturd saturday night in to sunday, maybe a cold rain mixing with some snow. light accumulation on grassy areas on sunday. drying out monday and tuesday. mid week maybe rain. at this hour still dealing with potentially damp pavement. most of the overnight construction was canceled because of the weather, so right now along interstate 66 through vee ev vienna, everything a-okay. westbound all travel lanes open, as well. kenilworth avenue doing okay, but the ramp from the inner loop to go route 50 outbound is still
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closed because of the overnight tractor trailer accident. the beltway lanes are open. route 50 is open itself. one more stop 395 beltway to the 14th street bridge doing well. gw parkway, no concerns right now. prince will yiam county pole are looking for answers after a body was found on pir in an apartment dumpster yesterday morning at the bay view apartment complex just off route 1 in woodbridge. that body has been transferred to the medical examiner's office. they have not yet identified the victim. people who live in that complex say the dumpster was emptied tuesday night, so this happened sometime in between then and wednesday morning. prince william county police are also looking for the man who broke into an vandalized a church. it was broken into overnight on wednesday. police say this man destroyed a plasma tv, went to the bathroom
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in the hallway, and discharged fire recognize the guy, applies call police. coming up, your chance to get on the first real reality show. also why people in maryland may soon be able to get that bottle of wine without fgoing t the wine store. and starbucks next big idea. blue diamond almonds!
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4:58 is the time. there may already be a starbucks over corner, but the coffee company is still looking to k3 band at its annual shareholder meeting, starbucks said it wants to build on the popularity of grocery store products introducing new teas and juices at your local supermarket. they're also looking for international growth but primarily in china. maryland wine lovers could soon have bottles shipped directly to their doors from the vineyard. two bills are moving new that would legalize wine shipments to maryland homes, but only from wineries, not from retail stores. the senate and house will hear the finalized proposals hater today in annapolis. and next weekend you have the chance to try out for one of the longest running reality tv shows in history.
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mtv's real world. the show's creators are holding a casting call a week from saturday for the 26th season. the audition will be held at the town tavern on 18th street from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 a.m. you have to be between the ages of 18 and 24. you also must bring a recent picture of yourself as well as a photo i.d. >> they did real world d.c. two years ago. don't know yet where this one is going to be.
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